We will work with you to develop an assessment process that addresses your concerns about candidates for ministry. In a typical assessment, a candidate for seminary, certification, or ordination completes several psychological and vocational inventories. He or she then meets with a staff counselor for an extensive three-hour interview. The denominational body and the candidate receive a detailed report. It is a holistic process that emphasizes a number of areas.

  • Journey of faith and vocation in ministry
  • Preferred styles of leadership
  • Experience of call to ministry
  • Personality traits and preferences in ministry
  • Strengths and limitations for ministry
  • Psychosocial development as it relates to ministry
  • Patterns of motivation and interest in ministry
  • Emotional and psychological well-being

Our reports are written from a growth-oriented perspective, which affirm one’s gifts for ministry, as well as identify “points of vulnerability”. The report is to assist the candidate in deepening his or her understanding and fit in ministry.