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.:Candidate Registration
Procedure Instructions for a Candidate for Ministry

Welcome to our Center. Please carefully read all the information on this page. We look forward to working with you as you complete this process as part of your preparation for ministry. There are three parts:
Fill out the Registration Form, four autobiographical forms and three Releases of Information listed below. You can complete the forms online by clicking the form link or you can download the form in the Word Format and attach it to an email to our Center or print them out and send by mail. The Releases of Information will have to be printed out, signed, and mailed to us.
After step one is completed, call our Center again for further information on how to complete three inventories and to schedule your evaluation appointment. It is a three hour appointment and can be scheduled in a morning or afternoon slot. At this time you will be asked when you would like to complete the inventories. One is done online (instructions will be emailed or sent to you) and can be completed on your own time, the remaining two need to be completed at our Center or with a Proctor (pastor, church secretary, teacher, counselor, etc.). It will take you approximately two hours to complete these two inventories. All materials listed above including the autobiographical forms, releases and inventories need to be completed and into our Center seven working days prior to your evaluation appointment.
Evaluation at our Center on your appointed date. A report based on your evaluation interview, written materials and inventories will be generated by your counselor and will be first emailed to you for review along with a release of information for you to sign and either fax or mail back to us. Upon receiving this release of information, the report will be sent to the requested party.
To fill out and submit a form on the web, click the link corresponding to the form's name.
download a printable form to send in via mail, click on the Word icon (for a Word document) or the Adobe icon (for a PDF document) next to the form.
A word of caution: if you are unable to finish the online form in one sitting, just saving the web page won't capture the text you have written, so you will have to copy and paste your answers into a document to save. It might be best to write up answers in a document to begin with, then copy and paste them over once every question has been answered.
Releases of Information:
Policy on Use of Client Data in Research
Limits of Confidentiality
Statement of Personal Conduct
These forms are on a secure site; all information submitted is confidential.
Candidate Registration
Autobiographical Forms:
Candidate Questionnaire
Incomplete Sentences
Medical History (Part A)
Analysis of Skills