Career & Leadership Development

We will assist you in discerning and clarifying your life calling.  For some, it will mean a change in career; for others, it will mean learning how to re-engage in their work to find greater life satisfaction.  Our life planning process includes half-day and two-day programs that offer an opportunity for an exploration of possibilities as well as in-depth reflection; we also include in our programs so that you get only the best materials to help you focus on the important points. Follow-up and coaching sessions are available.

You will participate in a proven approach that has worked for hundreds of people over the past forty-five years.  Throughout the process, we provide expertise, insight, and feedback.

Our counselors, who are experts in vocational discernment and leadership coaching, will partner with you to:

  • Engage in a structured process of vocational discernment
  • Identify the success factors for your personality and leadership style
  • Clarify your workplace gifts and developmental opportunities
  • Learn what motivates you
  • Discover your unique keys to career and life satisfaction