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Boundaries, Balance, & Burnout

We must consider our own boundaries and the boundaries of other people, thus we reduce the likelihood of arguments. If you want to join the hearing on this topic, letter writers for hire will help you express your ideas and wishes in a letter.

Boundaries exist all around us in life, but like infrared security beams, sometimes we don’t see them until they go off and the alarms sound. We’ll discuss guidelines for healthy boundaries in pastoral relationships, the role of an interesting private life when your work is public ministry, and the obstacles to and opportunities for staying balanced in ministry. Dr. Mary Honstead and Dr. John Henrich, staff psychologists at North Central Ministry Development Center, will present and facilitate discussion about key factors in maintaining healthy boundaries, avoiding burnout, and thriving in ministry.  Topics will include appropriate boundaries in an age of social media, boundaries at different stages and contexts of ministry, and boundaries in rural ministry.