Ranking Clergy Functions and Roles

  • Please Rank the Following Functions & Roles

    Please rank these items in order from highest(1) to lowest(12) so you will have but the items 1-12 in order of their importance. Rank one column according to your interest, and the other column according to your ability level.
  • Pastoral Care. Activities which involve bringing comfort and encouragement to lonely, troubled, and sick persons. Visitation in hospitals and homes, bereavement situations, premarital counseling, presence in crises.
  • Administrator. Tasks related to running an office or organization. May include overseeing the work of others, developing and implementing policies, and managing finances.
  • Teacher. Administration of and teaching in the religious education program of a church.
  • Scholar. Activities involving teaching at the theological school or college level, and engaging in scholarly research or writing.
  • Spiritual Guide. Activities directed toward assisting people to develop a deeper and more mature faith. Includes spiritual direction.
  • Preacher. Tasks which involve developing speaking skills, preparing and delivering sermons, and making talks and addresses before various groups.
  • Reformer. Activities which involve speaking out against evil and social injustice and participating in programs of community betterment.
  • Litergist. Activities concerned with planning and conducting programs or periods of worship, and performing sacred rites or rituals.
  • Musician. Activities concerned with conducting a music program at a church.
  • Evangelist. Activities related to evangelism and evangelistic work.
  • Pastoral Counseling. Specialized clinical and pastoral services for troubled persons, couples, families, groups.
  • Youth Work. Programming, coordination, leadership.
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