Ministers’ Assessment Importance Questionnaire

What if we could develop an inventory that helped individuals and congregations avoid these pitfalls by predicting excellence in ministry? Using sophisticated psychological research methods, it is possible. If we want to identify and develop highly effective ministers for the next generation, it is essential.

North Central Ministry Development Center (NCMDC) and Midwest Ministry Development Service (MMDS) have secured the services of Dr. Leaetta Hough, an internationally-known industrial organizational psychologist, and the team at Work Effects, an innovative leadership consulting firm with their team of PhDs, to conduct innovative research on the development of an inventory that can be used to select high potential candidates for ministry, identify areas of growth and development in seminarians, assist clergy in discerning where their gifts can best be used, and help congregations identify “best fit” ministerial candidates. The inventory will be based on the feedback of over fifteen hundred congregants, clergy, and denominational executives about what contributes to excellent ministry.

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